2017 HuronSound Artisans

From 2 PM to 8 PM local artisans and craftspeople will have a wide array of handmade items for sale. From soap to clothing to sketches, there's something for everyone at the HuronSound artisan market.


Forget Me Knot

Katie Lammert lives and works in Guelph, ON. She has always been interested in DIY projects and art. Recently, she has taken up all things macrame. Plant hangers, wall hangings, key chains, and more! This stemmed from her love of plants and home decor. Now, her own home is filled with numerous original macrame wall hangings and plant hangers made from a variety of different materials. Each piece, whether it's made of yarn, twine, or traditional macrame rope, is unique. Her "forget me knot" collection includes pieces that are either simple or intricate which can all be lovely additions to any space!



Brittpaperscissors is a Toronto based creator and indie music video director. Britt also makes enamel pins, buttons, patches, stickers, and apparel inspired by her love for DIY, music and filmmaking.


Steph Manica

Steph Manica lives and works in Guelph, Ontario, and is a self-realized slowpoke.  She enjoys taking her time getting to know people, places, and things.  Her blind contour illustrations of everyday objects are evidence of her typical thought process: examining the mundane in detail yet often allowing distractions to intervene.  She also enjoys drawing her friends as tiny characters, and would be happy to draw you too, if you take a few moments to share with her some things that you love and are inspired by. She likes to collect things that are small, delicate, and simple. She is currently experimenting with linoleum prints, sewing, and a series dedicated to Elaine Benes.


Spare Fruit

Spare Fruit is the most recent project of Guelph artist Anna Wiebe. She combines new and second-hand materials to make unique and original clothing designs. She also collaborates with other local artists to make their artwork into wearable pieces. This combines her love of fine art with her love of fine outfits. Check out her colourful Instagram page to get a taste of her work!


Chad Smith Photography

Chad Smith is a local aspiring photographer with a wide range of interests. When it comes to subjects, Chad captures nature, cityscapes, big machines, and everything in between.


Glittering Magpie

People are drawn to these killer pieces like magpie birds to glittering objects. Glittering Magpie primarily makes handmade resin pendants using recycled prints and fabrics, handwritten text and…glitter of course. They are a perfect mix of a kitch-y handmade aesthetic and bubble gum sweet florals with kick ass feminist politics - sort of dreamy. Sonali, the face behind GlitteringMagpie, is also a zinester, printmaker and creator of all things miscellany.


Lakeshore Naturals

Our newest addition to the artisan market is Lakeshore Naturals, by Alysha Vere and Emily McDougall from Goderich

Lakeshore Naturals is a line of holistic home, health and healing products handmade in Goderich. Just launching, they've got only a few items to choose from currently, but plan on quick expansion. All natural, organic, vegan and environmentally friendly, as well as locally sourced (to the very best of their ability!) Lakeshore Naturals is delivering you products you'll feel good about using!


Frankie Rider

Frankie Rider Is very passionate about sewing and making clothes. He's been sewing for about 7 years now and is constantly experimenting with different fabrics and techniques. He's hoping to bring a variety of unisex summer wear to the festival that is both fashionable and comfortable. He hopes everyone enjoys the creations as much as he does.


Hidden Folk Arts

Hidden Folk Arts takes inspiration from traditional folk art and geometry to create unique hand-painted pieces using new and vintage glassware. The artist applies a variety of techniques and mediums to capture the beauty of nature, colour and traditional artwork. She enjoys a treasure hunt and chooses her vintage pieces based on the imagery they inspire but also enjoys the challenge of custom work. All pieces are heat cured and safe for everyday use.


Sparrowtail Jewelry

Alison Brydges, owner of Sparrowtail Jewelry, is a self-taught wire jewelry artist born and raised in Guelph, ON.  She takes inspiration from organic shapes found in nature to create rustic and unique jewelry pieces.  Her favourite material to work with is raw copper wire, which is treated with an antiquing solution and polished using very fine steel wool.  This process highlights all the intricate details of each piece and beautifully compliments semi-precious stones and glass beads. Alison values creativity and individuality in her work and openly encourages custom requests.



Zagrycha is the Polish word for the kinda gross old snacks that you might find behind the counter at the legion, like pickled eggs or expired jerky. Turning the definition in its head, Zagrycha makes tiny models of your best snacks into wearable jewellery, magnets and keychains.

Wool Witch.jpg

The Wool Witch

The Wool Witch creates handmade fibre art pieces which harken back to a simpler time.

Everything is crafted carefully to create a unique and eclectic piece for you to bring home.

Siyobin Blanco, The Wool Witch, found her passion for making things by hand when she attended the Trillium Waldorf School in Guelph. There she tried her hand at many crafts including: wool spinning, weaving, crocheting, knitting, macrame, sewing, embroidery and more! She has carried this love of creating things with her hands and truly enjoys the process of crafting.


Awfully Earnest Art

Adria is an artist who hails from Clinton, Ontario living in Guelph, Ontario. Her paintings and drawings are mostly inspired by tattooing, but draw elements from many other styles of art. Under the alias of Awfully Earnest Art, she does special commissions, logos, album art, pop culture pieces, nerdy prints and other cool stuff. At Huronsound you will find her table full of small paintings, prints of originals, handmade cards and much more. She'll also be doing small henna tattoos.


Steph Sew Sublime

Steph Sew Sublime creates a variety of handcrafted goods, but her main focus is iron-on patches. She chooses fun and quirky designs and draws inspiration from nature, pop culture and nostalgia. She is also able to create custom prints upon request. Each patch she sells benefits homeless, under-housed or impoverished individuals in our community by providing them with menstrual health products. 15% from every dollar is donated to her campaign, #patchesforpads.