Kelsey Regier / by Cultural Collective

Kelsey Regier is currently working towards her Bachelor of Music Education at the University of Western Ontario. Kelsey has participated in both provincial and national level honour ensembles as a clarinetist and has had the opportunity to perform in Vancouver, Toronto, Niagara Falls, London and the South Huron area. In addition to studying clarinet at the university level, she enjoys playing saxophone and piano in her free time. 

Kelsey currently volunteers with schools in the London area, allowing her to gain experience conducting and mentoring youth in instrumental study. She often helps to rehearse large ensembles, hold sectionals, or help students in one-on-one instruction. At the university Kelsey is also a member of the Music Education Student Association and holds a position as Social Events and Recruitment Coordinator. Kelsey currently offers lessons in clarinet, saxophone and piano in both the London and South Huron areas.