Seth Weber / by Cultural Collective

Seth Weber grew up in Elimville, Ontario in the country, just outside of Exeter.

After attending South Huron District High School, Seth attended The University of Windsor, where he took a program called Drama in Education and community. The program featured acting, singing, dancing puppet-making, and a variety of other theatre related mediums.

"Through that program I learned the value the arts possess and how community impacts our daily lives."

In 2013, Seth graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in dramatic education. In 2014 Seth attended the Windsor Faculty of Education where he specialized in primary, junior and intermediate as an elementary teacher. Seth also worked as a part of the amazing Original Kids Theatre Company, based out of London ON, as the Dramatic Arts Director during their summer sessions.

Seth said his time there was hard to explain because the arts have this way of grabbing hold of you and never wanting to let go. "Three of the best summers of my life."

Currently Seth is working as a supply teacher for the Avon Maitland District School Board.