Allie Neeb / by Cultural Collective

Allie is a contract festival worker and event planner currently living outside of Exeter, Ontario. Starting piano lessons at the age of 4 instilled a lifelong love of music and desire to work with the minds behind it. After picking up the saxophone during high school (partly inspired by a deep-rooted admiration of Lisa Simpson), she went on to Queen's University to study music, eventually specializing in music history with a particular interest in the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

After her graduation from Queen's, Allie was accepted into the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College where she learned more about the mechanics behind the music business from industry leaders. Invaluable volunteer experiences within the program and involvement in the Fanshawe Student Union as the VP of Entertainment helped her hone in on an interest of event planning and volunteer management. These experiences now actively extend into her current work at large scale music festivals. She looks forward to collaborating with local cultural workers to bring their visions to life as the current PR/Media Chair on the Cultural Collective Executive.